Stuffed Animals with Katharine's Wish Tags

Darcy Way, Director of Philanthropy, St. Joseph's Hospital

"Last week, I had one of the best experiences of my professional life - receiving the multitude of toys and stuffed animals you made possible through your efforts. Thanks to your leadership in securing these toys and your work through Katharine's Wish you are making a huge difference for children...I am humbled by your generosity and your vision to make this world a much better place."

Ingrid McGraw/Director, Foundation Relations, St. Jude Children's Hospital, Memphis, TN

"On behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, thank you for the recent support from the Katharine's Wish Fund. Your generosity is truly making a difference in the lives of children battling cancer and other deadly diseases."

Matt Schneider, CFRE Regional Director of Development, Marshfield Clinic

"It truly is inspiring to see the empathy and caring you and your family show through your Katharine's Wish efforts every year, and the impact this has had on so many children...you are a remarkable young lady. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and compassion."

Cindy - St. Joseph's Hospital

"Thank you so much for making so many kids happy! You are a very special girl."

Dena Pichardo, Arnold Palmer Hospital Child Life Program, Orlando, FL

"Stuffed animals are one of those things that can give children a sense of comfort and reassurance when they are faced with stressful circumstances such as a medical experience. Kids really enjoy keeping them close at hand and will often bring them along wherever they go. It just shows that these items can be extremely important in the eyes of a child. Thank you so much!"

Dana Stroth, Child Family Services, U of MN Amplatz Children's Hospital

"On behalf of the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital, thank you VERY MUCH for your GENEROUS donation of stuffed animals and books. Thank you for providing this service for the kids, but most importantly,thank you for thinking of our children."

Linda S. - S.P.O.T.S. Pediatric Therapy Services

"Thanks for brightening a child's day. You are great!"

Lakeview Medical Center Staff

"Thank you for the generous donation of toys for the children that visit or are patients at our hospital. This donation will bring many smiles."


"You should be very proud of yourself for giving back like you are; thanks again for your thoughtfulness to others. You are a wonderful example of a person, friend and daughter."

Jill & Tom Barland/Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge (Retired)

"We were so impressed by your articulate acceptance speech at the Philanthropy Luncheon. We wish you much success in developing the Katharine's Wish Fund."


"You are a role model for the young and old! We could all learn so much from you as actions speak louder than words."

Jason Splichal/South Middle School English Department

"Katie is one of the special few who have chosen to give back to the world, in ways and volumes that make a significant and positive impact on our community…the world could certainly use more loving kindness – and more Katie."


"When we had to take my son to the hospital emergency room they gave us a stuffed dolphin for him to hug while he was getting a breathing treatment! It was pretty cool to see your charity work in the hospital and the dolphin is now in his room! :) Great job."


"I am glad to hear there are still good people in the world. What a special little lady you are Katie! You bring joy to all those around you."


"What a thoughtful and caring thing to do! Katie, your parents are so lucky to have a wonderful you lady like yourself! Please know that those of us who don’t even know you are very proud of you – keep up the good work!"


"How very sweet of this caring young lady! The children will enjoy the toys as much as the nurses love having them to give to the sick, little ones. Thank you, Katie!"